EICRs and Electrical Maintenance in Hove | Our Electricians Look at the Most Common Socket Faults Found in Properties

Elec Test South East Ltd is highly regarded for its exceptional work ethic and range of electrical services. If you’re looking for a local company in Hove to carry out electrical safety inspections and EICRs or complete any form of electrical troubleshooting, our recommended services top the bill. Our electricians also specialise in fire alarm installations, smoke detector and heat detection systems, electrical maintenance services, and emergency lighting fixtures.

Please contact us to find out more about our services or to make an appointment. With over 75 years of experience shared between our team – and a growing number of positive testimonials – we’re happy to offer advice about electrical installations, fuse board upgrades, new property installations, and the placement of emergency exit lighting for rented and commercial buildings.


Safety First in Every Property

We consistently rely on sockets and switches to provide adequate light and power. However, these are small components of a much larger system, and we tend to take them for granted. If something is wrong with any of the sockets at your Hove property, however, the issue shouldn’t be ignored as it could be an indication of something more urgent.

Single Faulty Sockets

If one socket – or one side of a double socket – isn’t working, the wiring may not be securely in place, or the socket itself may be faulty. Turn off the power locally and examine the socket for signs of discolouration or damage. If you spot either, leave the power off and contact our electricians at Elec Test South East.

Several Faulty Sockets

Firstly, check your fuseboard to see if the Residual Current Device (RCD) has tripped. The problem may be an isolated one, which will be rectified as soon as you reset the fuseboard. However, constant tripping could be a sign that something else is wrong, such as a faulty appliance, an old or outdated fuseboard, or moisture issues.

RCDs may also trip if some household appliances are working too hard and using up a lot of electricity – such as washing machines, dishwashers and electric showers. We can advise you on how to avoid this during an electrical maintenance visit or following the completion of our EICRs.

For commercial properties in Hove, it’s essential to have adequate switches and sockets, along with a modern and regulation-compliant fuseboard. The system must be effective enough to manage all electrical appliances, devices, machinery, and emergency systems – such as our emergency lighting and fire alarm installations.

Elec Test South East

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