Electrical Maintenance and EICRs by Professional Electricians in Worthing | Does Your Home or Property Need Rewiring? Look Out For These Signs

Elec Test South East Ltd is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of our Worthing clients by installing and repairing electrical systems so they work effectively. From standard electrical maintenance services to homeowner and landlord EICRs, and fire alarm installations to emergency lighting, our electricians are on hand to advise, supply and deliver. As our website gallery will show, we use the latest equipment and technology to guarantee your home or commercial property remains cost-effective and efficient.


Do You Need Our Help?

Have you recently moved into an older property, or is your current electrical system outdated? Have you had EICRs carried out that show your home or premises need full or partial rewiring? Failure to follow any suggestions offered by experienced electricians could lead to dangerous consequences, so it’s essential you address electrical issues in your property as soon as possible.

If you have noticed any of the following signs, then call us at Elec Test South East immediately. Our electrical services are highly regarded throughout Worthing, and we’re known for our knowledge and industry expertise.

  • Consistent Smell of Burning

  • Discoloured Sockets or Switches

  • Electric Shocks from Sockets or Switches

  • Burn Marks Around Sockets or Switches

  • Loose or Exposed Wiring

  • Fuses Blowing Regularly

  • Dimming or Flickering Lights

Our property safety maintenance services also extend to the installation of additional power points and switches in older properties so occupants don’t have to rely on extension cords or overloaded sockets.

Older buildings may not have sufficient smoke detectors or any form of adequate fire detection system. We specialise in this area particularly and are available to carry out emergency lighting, battery backup lighting, and fire alarm installations.

For any electrical maintenance work to both domestic and commercial properties, call us first for competitive rates and reliable results. Although many of us tend to leave repairs or upgrades on the long finger at times, it’s advisable not to take this approach with electricity. The service is there to make our daily lives a lot more comfortable and efficient, but ignoring any issues connected with it could lead to serious issues, such as severe injury or property damage.

Our Electrical Services

Our electricians at Elec Test South East offer the following facilities to home and commercial property owners in Worthing and the surrounding areas:

  • Homeowner EICRs

  • Landlord EICRs

  • Fire Detection Systems

  • Smoke Detector Installations

  • Fire Alarm Installations

  • Property Safety Maintenance

  • Electrical Maintenance

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Battery Backup Lighting

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